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Dr. Dave Burnette

A Minister of Prayer and the Word of God

Hello Friend,

     My Name is David Burnette, Thank you for logging on to my Personal Website that I have designed personally to Minister and Serve You as the Lord has called me to reach the World with the Word of God. As we look into God's Word Together we will find all the answers to the issues of life. I can't wait to see how the Lord uses this platform to grow closer to Him.


     I was saved at the Age of 5 years old when my neighbor befriended my mother in an apartment complex. Learning that our family was not saved she had her Church Visitation team visit us and invite us to Church. As a result, I was able to hear the Gospel, and being convicted of my sin, I called out to the Lord to save me and was Born Again.


     Later in life the Lord called me into Ministry. The Lord Prepared me to Serve with a Business Degree from Columbia University and a Doctorate Degree from Spread the Word Bible College and Seminary. I have had the Privilege to work in conjunction with Megavoice, Inc. In Touch Ministries, Leading the Way, Campus Crusade for Christ, Billy Graham Evangelistic Society, the Seed Company, and Many Other Ministries along with Serving at First Baptist in Atlanta Ga., Light of Calvary Baptist in Conyers Ga., Canaan Baptist in Covington Ga., and Belmont Baptist in Conyers, Ga. where I currently Serve as Director of the U.S.Bible Society, the Global Bible Society, Christian Ministries, and Christian Media Group.


     My Calling is to reach the World with the Word of God fulfilling the Great Commission for my Life and in My Service I have had the honor of working with several major Ministries across the U.S and Reach Millions with the Gospel Globally. Currently, The Lord has allowed me to assemble a dedicated team of Christians who Proclaim the Word of God, Distribute the Word of God, and Translate the Word of God with the Goal of Evangelizing the Lost, Discipleship of the Converts, and Restoring the Broken. Together we Work as a Team with the Body of Christ to Do the Lord's Will in these Last Days.


     Below are my current websites and current work projects. Each have a specific goal in our outreach and Pray they will meet your needs in the Body of Christ. I am here for you so please contact me with the form at the bottom of the Page. We are Praying for you to be Saved, then Grow in Our Lord with the Goal of You Discovering your Personal Ministry and Service for the Lord Jesus-Christ. Please let me know how I can help you and let us Pray that the Lord would Use All of Us in a Great and Mighty Way.


In His Service

Dr.Dave Burnette

Christian Ministries.Global

The United States Bible Society, Inc.

The Global Bible Society, Inc.