Your Christian Map

Chart You Progress in Your Walk with the Lord Jesus-Christ

Your Christian Map

Chart Your Progress in Your Walk with the Lord-Jesus

Destination #1 - Salvation

Destination #1 is Salvation - Being Born Again - Are you 100% Sure if you died today that HEAVEN Would be your Home The First Step in Your Christian Map is Salvation as it is Essential to have Your Sins Forgiven and Establish a Relationship with God. Have You Been Born Again? If you are not 100% Sure if you Died Today that Heaven Would Be Your Home Please Click on the Button Below and Listen to the Gospel Message


Step #2 - Talk to the Lord

Step #2 is Growing by talking to the Lord - The Bible calls this Prayer - and Prayer is Simply talking to God.

Now that you have been saved your sins are forgiven and you have access to a personal relationship with the Lord. God loves you and wants to talk to you. Start with a Daily Prayer when you get up in the Morning and when you go to bed at night

Step #3 - Listen to the Lord

Step #3 is Growing by listening to the Lord through the pages of His Word - start a daily bible reading - when you pray open your bible and read atleast 1 scripture of your choice

Step #4 - The Holy Spirit

Step #4 is Growing through realizing the Holy Spirit is now in you. Sealed to day of redemption. Guiding you to all truth - when you read your Bible and Pray - be still to see if you feel the Lords presence in you as you develop a realationship with the lord

Step #5 - Worship

tep # 5 is Growing through wprship - meaining showing the Lord worth or putting him first - try to worship the Lord with the deceisons you make daily putting Him first - Trying to sense the Holy Spirits direction - using the thought of  "What would Jesus do" 

Step #6 - Join a Church

Step #6 - Growing through His Body - The Church - Try visiting a BIble Beliveing Church in your area while using our Church Outreach Tool - as a help tool. We will help guide you to a local Church that will allow you to grow in the Lord.

Step #7 - Being Baptized

Step #7 - Growing through your Baptism - following Our Lord's command as a saved individule - making your profession public - being baptised into fellowship of the body of Christ His Church - becoming a member of the Local CHurch

Step #8 - Giving to the Lord

Step #8 - Growing in the Lord by giving of your resources - learn about the tithing and offerings of your money and time as you exersise your faith

Step #9 - Daily Devotion

Step#9 - Growing through a deeper relationship with the Lord - Start a Daily Devotion - Make a place to Pray-Read-Journal- and get alone with the Lord on a Daily Basis


grow through getting dressed for the battle


grow through realizing who you are in CHrist Jesus - you - your flesh - the devil - the world


grow through your defeats - learn to not deveop strong holds - keeping your eyes on jesus

Step #10 - Serving the Lord

Step #10 - Serving the Lord - by acting on what he shows you in your devotioal time - looking for an service you can do for the Lord as He starts Living through You under the leadership of your pastor

Step #11 - Witnessing

Step # 11 - Serve the Lord by inviting others to go to church with you - build realtionships to help others come to Christ  

Step #12 - Living by Faith

Step #12 - Serve the Lord by learning about living by faith - as the Lord challenges you to do great things you will learn to serve or minister by prayer and faith according to His Word and His Spirit

Step #13 - Being a Mentor

Step#13 - Serve the Lord by being a mentor - as the Lord establishes His Ministry in and through you - look for other believers and help them throgh their christian life - be as teacher - small group leader - prayer leader - allow the Lord to continue ministing to you

Step #14 - Being a Minister

Step #14 - Serve the Lord by enjoying the journey - his ministry - his fruit - his life in you




serviing the lord  - in the chruch  - through ministries of the chruch


finding your ministry - based on your spiritual gifts - the direction of the holy spirit

Step #15 - Spiritual Maturity

Step #14 - Serve the Lord by enjoying the journey - his ministry - his fruit - his life in you




serviing the lord  - in the chruch  - through ministries of the chruch


finding your ministry - based on your spiritual gifts - the direction of the holy spirit

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